Who we are

The "Sardinia Bicycle" project was born after several years of activity in the tourism and sports of Team of Cooperative Company Lugori. The company, with its own staff and own vehicles, has been operating for years throughout the island, especially in the centre-south. The work ranges from the management of important public cultural and tourist sites, to excursion centres in various large hotels and villages, till the realization of excursions and tours for individuals and small/large groups. Since January 2009, we have been dealing in active tourism, designing and developing the project "Nordic Walking Sardinia". Since 2013 we have begun to dedicate ourselves to the Cycling field, because several Tour Operating required us to provide transfer services for people and luggage, museum visits and Guides, devising itineraries and tours. 2015 was the year of change, for passion. The structure has been expanded with another new minivan, a new bike park, and finally with independent brand and a website dedicated to propose you our proposals on line. All this is now "Sardinia Bicycle": experience, competence, passion, so many services, ... just in one name.


Our philosophy

Sardinia is a safe place, yet also a poignant and wild land as few. Do you want to discover it? We want to offer you the opportunity to experience it on bicycle. You can choose to do just some excursions or participate in a group tour or ride solo. You can choose between a basic services and manage the rest by yourself, or a complete service, in order to only dedicate you to yourself and to what surrounds you.

For you, we seek road and high quality dirt road surrounded by breathtaking views and untouched places where you can feel free to roam intimately with a fulfilling nature. Competing with it, without ignoring deep feelings, such as: happiness, anxiety, astonishment, despair.

According to us, the bicycle is the way to learn about and experience the mountains and the plains, the sun and the clouds …. yourself. After your feet, the bike is the most environmentally friendly way to enjoy the environment, at the same time to safeguard it.

We feel part of the philosophy many organizations in the world that are following the development of cycling such as FIC, FIAB, Legambiente and Touring Club members.

For us, traveling by bicycle is a form of "sustainable tourism" and therefore "responsible" and "Eco-friendly", which offers experiences and emotions otherwise impossible, facilitating dialogue between people and the discovery of details, stimulating the habit of an active lifestyle and a passion for the best food and wine at zero distance.

Completing our philosophy: we are always at your disposal.