Do you desire to experience a cycling tour in Sardinia? If you do not want to bring your own  bike or if you want to test a new one, Sardinia Bicycle offer you this chance! Even for the most demanding bikers, we select bike for man, woman and child, divided into the usual categories: road, mountain and city, built with the latest technologies. Therefore, in addition to increase and update our bike park, thanks to partnerships with other companies, associations and individual cycling guides, we can offer the exact bike for your needs and style. With our vehicles and assistance, but also with this network of partnerships and various operational headquarters in central southern Sardinia, you will find the bike where you need.



Sardinia, with its sparse population, is the safe place that you are looking for, where  you can feel in contact with the wild wonders of nature. For long stretches you can feel alone. During your trip the service “Angelo Custode” (Guardian Angel) let you feel that sense of loneliness that you seek, but without the fear to be alone to manage unexpected situation or misadventure. More generally, the assistance service offered by the Call Center Sardinia Bicycle, can give you access to our partnerships both during the planning phase and during your journey. Among these partnerships we remind you could take out a civil liability insurance and for Personal Accident insurance; you could be interested to have a means of support, or a mobile assistance workshop, the transfer of baggage, etc .. But during your trip, you can also book a "stop & go "(programmed control of chain, brakes, wheels, settings, etc.) at the Bicycle Sardinia operating headquarter or other accredited Bike Center.

We are at your disposal.             


Our fleet of bikes, comes mainly from the bike segment "Mountain". In fact, thanks to the selection of means evolved in construction technique (light frames, extensive rears, versatile covers), our "Mountain" are the best both distances "Mountain" in the strict sense, that for those "Touring", supplanting largely the "City" used for this sector. Thanks to the availability of wide handlebars and wheels 29', elements that make easy to be used even for beginners, to the one day activities. Comfortable and ergonomic saddles, associated with geometries frames ideal for the most demanding tourer. With the addition of fender, panniers, kickstand, reflectors, LED lights, GPS / Ciclocomputer, map holder / smartphone, etc., bikes will be ready for your need of one or more days. Fork, shock absorbers, handlebars and saddle are adjustable thanks to the data that you provide during the booking process, they will be set before delivery to better adapt the bike to the ground and to the type of use and characteristics of biker. The pedals are aluminum double grip (standard quick coupling and free for sole). We’ve selected panniers which are ergonomic, light and heavy-duty, with pockets and compartments bigger enough to bring everything you need, without affecting too much the freedom of movement and driving comfort. If you need, we have also selected resistant glasses and goggles with high quality and innovative technology, to ensure eye protection while maintaining optimal viewing, without distortions and reflections.


In addition to our "park & bike accessories," we could also offer many other models, available according to the dates and places of delivery for you more suitable.

Upon delivery, the vehicle will have no spare parts, but you can pick up the "Safe Kit" by the advance payment of a deposit, and when you give back the vehicle you will pay only the material consumed. You can bring your helmets because they are not included with bike rental. To entertain you, in safety and comfort, obviously, you could decide to rent it among our selection that are safe, light, well ventilated and comfortable fit. The delivery of the bike is always from Monday to Friday, from 09.30 to 13.00 and from 15.30 to 19.30, at one of our regional offices (Sarrabus, Cagliari, Sulcis, MedioCampidano, Oristano, Ogliastra). The return of the vehicle / accessories  instead must be done before 19.00 on the last day (or fraction) of rental. With an additional charge, it is possible to have the entire supply required, delivery and collection, at your hotel or the place you'll indicate us. In order to arrange detail and the most appropriate solutions for you, please contact us.

Remember! Although the staff at Sardinia Bicycle works to ensure better responsiveness to any customer requirements, it is only the early bird booking to ensure the opportunity of choice and the best rate.

If you need a complex supply, or you prefer to have an early suggestions by our assistance and / or clarification, please contact us via the contact form (click here) or by writing directly to the email To obtain a rapid and complete response to your request, do not forget to point out the following information: ... .., model GPS / smartphones

Unless evident and previous agreements, the quotation, that you will receive, will remain valid for a maximum period of 7 days (4 days from 15/07 to 31/08). In this period, unless explicitly stated in the offer, Sardinia Bicycle will keep available the bikes / accessories that you required.

The booking of the vehicles / accessories / service is deemed successfully completed only upon payment of the advance deposit at least or equal to 40% of the total consideration ( including VAT and any bond), by bank transfer on the bank account indicated in the quotation that will be sent. In case of cancellation of booking by the customer, Sardinia Bicycle will refund you but a penalty will be withheld on the total value of the vehicles / accessories / services (respectively 5-15-40-100% for cancellation within 90-60-30- 0 days before the date). The balance must be paid (in cash or by credit card) at delivery of the vehicles / accessories, thus prior to the service starts.


Acquista ora!

But if everything is clear and you want to book before anyone else, you will find here to follow a simple and intuitive way to choose and buy directly the standard products through the basket and the payment can be complete by Credit Card or Paypal.

Do not forget, that even for the following automatic procedure the booking of the vehicles / accessories / service is considered successfully completed only when the final payment.

In case of cancellation of booking by the customer, you  will be refund  but a penalty will be withheld on the total value of the vehicles / accessories / services (respectively 5-15-40-100% for cancellation within 90-60-30- 0 days before the date).